It’s Fun Time with Water Slide Rental Orange County CA

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That is real. On a hot summer day, children love the bouncy slippery feel of water slides. Whether you’re renting for a birthday party, picnic, a kid’s festival or just need lots of water fun, water slides fit the bill. Get the facts about water slide rental Orange County CA see this.

The Dolphin Wet Slide w / Pool for starters is a wonderful interactive slide. Two dolphins are positioned at the crown with a blue rippling impact that mimics the anticipation of waves on the beach.

The Jungle Wet Slide w / pool is also a great water slide rental. With that rainy jungle-gym, Tarzan and Jane will have plenty of fun. Decked in nature colors and assorted alien effects, this slide will have children rolling through the depths of the muddy jungle throughout the day.

Rentals involve rope, tarp, anchor and blowers with a length of 50 ft. All you need is power outlet and water hose! If you are organizing an event where power will not be usable, a generator is also available for rent.

Water slides make fun!

White Settlement, is nothing but enjoyable, fun, fun while renting water slides! In hot summer heat, nothing gets kids going like splashing water. In their wildest dreams, consumers are delighted while the water slides continue to expand their range.

A courteous team will provide you with your jumping water slide, and set it up. We’ll pick up your slide after the fun’s over. Before each hire, bounce water slides and other bounce styles shall be washed and sanitized.

Cleaning and Cleaning

It can be a considerable investment to hire water slides for your next get together. You want the most for your money and that’s just what our enjoyable slides aim to give you. Both slide bounces and combos are massive, with a total footprint of 13 ft by 13 ft. Always be sure to ask about dimensions.

Our water-slides are thoroughly cleaned. Removal of debris and any other remaining grime allows for waterslides delivering the finest and performing to the highest standards. The maintenance we do is to insure that your rental will always look the best for your case.


We take security very seriously. After it has been installed, the hardware is checked to insure the device is safe for all stakeholders. The healthy running of the water slide will be told to all managers supervising the case. It makes everyone feel more comfortable throughout the whole process. You should feel confident after meeting our experienced and competent team that everything is good and that your experience will be full of fun and excitement. After each rental we clean and wash out our equipment thoroughly. It means the properties are in perfect working order.


We have advice sales right from the very first customer contact. Sanitized, superbly working machinery is our target. This way, your whole water slide experience is one that you won’t forget!

Shopping for what you want We target at offering the best slides. You are sure to find the finest they have to show, from our Monster Water slide w / lake to the Ocean Wet Slide w / splash tub. What you’re after is a great price for a beautiful water slide and we’re doing just that.